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Film Format
Frame size: 16/9 (widescreen)
Quality: HD
File type: zipped/compressed mov.

How To Play The Films

The films will play via Quicktime player, which comes with all Mac computers and can be download for Windows computers by following this link:

If for any reason Quicktime is not working you can use VLC player, which plays almost any video file. It can be downloaded for Mac and Windows by following this link:

Direct Links To Online Downloads
Part One
Part Two
Jack Petrash  
Peter Blom

Download stops
The most likely reason for the download to stop half way through is due to the internet connection being intereupted. If this happens start the download from the begining again. You will only have 5 attempts to do this. If you run out please contact us and we will issue you with another 5 downloads. 

Another reason for the download to stop is if you have reached your daily download quota. Some internet provides limit the amount of data you can download. If this is the case try the download again the next day. 

Empty Cache

If the ‘Buy Now’ buttons are not working and you are receiving the error message ‘3005’ you need to empty your web browser’s cache. This action will just clear your web history, which is preventing the button from working.

  1. Windows Internet Explorer – Tools > Options > Cookies > Delete Files
  2. Safari – Safari > Empty Cache