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The following twenty-six films, based on some of the interviews at close to their original lengths, are available to view here or on YouTube without charge.

The first three of the films (Arthur Zajonc, Peter Blom and Jack Petrash) are also available as DVDs on PAL or NTSC at a cost of £5.


Arthur Zajonc (Professor of Physics, Amherst College, USA). 

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Peter Blom (Chairman of the Executive Board, Triodos Bank). 

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Jack Petrash (Class Teacher, Washington Waldorf School, USA). 

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Dr Michaela Glöckler (Leader of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum, Switzerland). 

Dr Peter Selg (Director of the Ita Wegman Archive, Arlesheim, Switzerland and Professor of Medicine at the Alanus University of Arts & Social Sciences, Germany). 

Bodo von Plato (member of the Executive Council of the Anthroposophical Society, Dornach, Switzerland). 

Torin Finser (General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in the USA, and Chair of the Education Department at Antioch University, New England). 

Dr David McGavin (The Blackthorn Medical Centre, Maidstone, England). 

Dr James Dyson (based in Stourbridge, England). 

Penny Baring (Camphill co-worker, Copake, USA). 

Dennis Klocek (Scientist, Gardener and Alchemist, Sacramento, USA). 

Ninetta Sombart (Artist, Arlesheim, Switzerland). 

The Rev. Dr Fraser Watts (Reader in Theology and Science, Queens’ College, Cambridge, England). 

Prof Robert McDermott (California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, USA). 

John Thomson (Lecturer in Education, Forest Row, England). 

Tho Ha Vinh (Head of Training, Learning and Development at the International Committee of the Red Cross, Geneva, Switzerland). 

Jeremy Naydler (Gardener and Philosopher, Oxford, England). 

Christopher Bamford (Writer and Publisher, Steiner Books, USA). 

Jacob Sherman (Assistant Professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, USA). 

Craig Holdrege (Director and Senior Researcher, The Nature Institute, Ghent, NY, USA). 

Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz (Flower Essence Society, Nevada City, CA, USA). 

Waldorf Education in the Charter School Movement, US Allegra Alessandri (Principal of the George Washington Carver School of Arts and Science, Sacramento); Debi Lenny (Principal of the Golden Valley Charter School of Sacramento); Liz Beavan (Administrator of the Sacramento Waldorf School). 

Ruskin Mill College, Nailsworth, England. Aonghus Gordon (Founder and Director of Ruskin Mill Trust); Elisabeth Johnson (Principal of Ruskin Mill College); Berni Courts (Farmer). 

Economics and Social Initiatives. John Bloom (Senior Director, Organizational Culture, RSF Social Finance, San Francisco, USA); Martin Large (Chair, Stroud Commonwealth, Gloucestershire, England); Prof Neil Ravenscroft (Chair, Management Committee, Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch Farms, Sussex, England)

Biodynamic Agricultur. Steffen Schneider and Emily Kozakiewicz (Hawthorn Valley Farm, NY, USA); Heidi Hermann (The Natural Beekeeping Trust, Sussex, England); Jakes Jayakaran (President of the Biodynamic Association of India)

Asia Pacific Anthroposophical Conference, Hyderabad, India – April 2011. Interviews with Aban Bana, Hans Mulder, Sue Simpson, Ben Cherry, Anand Mandaiker, Sarita Sanghai, Jasmin Italia, and Kaipeng Ho.